8 Series IP Touch Phones Extended Edition (EE)

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Phones_8Series Full-featured IP Touch phones from the Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series offer integrated IP connectivity and telephony. In addition to the converged power of data and voice over IP, these terminals support an unsurpassed range of features and functions, including web-based eXtended Markup Language (XML) business applications.   They offer superior-quality audio and an optimized design with a large, high-resolution screen. The 4068 IP Touch incorporates a color display and the freedom of Bluetooth wireless technology.   Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series IP Touch Phones family includes several models: the 4008 EE, 4018 EE, 4028 EE, 4038 EE, and 4068 EE.   Two models from this range (IP Touch 4008EE & 4018EE) can also be configured as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoints and therefore, operate in a standard SIP environment.  

  • Lower costs: IP convergence allows businesses to channel voice communications through their data network
  • Full range of telephony services: unsurpassed in terms of functionality, features, reliability, and quality of service
  • Unbeatable range of features including dial-by-name, voicemail, programmable shortcut keys and alphanumeric keyboard
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Customized communications infrastructure: XML web applications respond to the unique demands of your business
  • Range of phones to suit the requirements of different business users
  • Connectivity:
    • compatible with any external Bluetooth® wireless technology devices (4068 EE only)
    • Gigabit PC Port (4028 EE, 4038 EE & 4068 EE)

  • Superlative sound quality
  • High-resolution screen (full color screen on 4068 EE)
  • Dial-by-name, voice mail, programmable shortcut keys, alphanumeric keyboard
  • Ultra-modern design with intuitive ergonomics
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless freedom (4068 only)
  • Open to third-party eXtended Markup Language (XML) applications and services
  • Full range of accessories, including head sets and a wall mounting kit
  • Display of Cyrillic, Korean, Chinese language characters (4028 EE, 4038 EE & 4068 EE)
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Class 2 (low power consumption)

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8002/8012 Deskphones

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The Alcatel-Lucent 8002 and 8012 DeskPhones are cost-effective, entry-level phones that offer SIP telephony for essential communications in a business-grade design. They are the perfect voice companion to desktop-centric activities to ensure always-on connectivity and fast access to the enterprise directory. Their energy efficiency combined with a LAN connector for connection to your PC and integration with Alcatel-Lucent communication and management platforms help reduce OPEX and total cost of ownership (TCO).




  • Meet eco-friendly and low energy consumption standards
  • Offer always-on connectivity to ensure continuity of critical communications
  • Integrate completely in a multi-device environment
  • Can be the ideal companion to a softphone for better audio comfort
  • Simplify operations and reduce OPEX and TCO through a seamless and single management platform shared with other devices, applications and networking elements

  • Standard SIP telephony based on compliance to RFC standards
  • Business-grade design
  • Third-party call control
  • Integration with Alcatel-Lucent communication platforms
  • Centralized management
  • Hands-free option
  • Ready for future evolutions such as IPv6
  • Energy efficiencys
  • Unified directory access

OmniTouch 8082 My IC Phone

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The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8082 My IC Phone introduces a new category of endpoints, called smart deskphones, for delivering new deskphone functionality. It offers an unprecedented level of comfort at the desk, thanks to its high-quality wideband audio capacity and its always-on availability.

Using its capacitive haptic touch screen with rich contextual menus, My IC Phonedelivers the intuitive interface of a smartphone. It offers access to rich collaborative conversation features that deliver significantly more communications functions than the traditional deskphone.

The web-services openness of the My IC Phone enables the integration of specific business, or industry-related applications as well as the addition of contextual features for richer and more effective conversations. Depending on the user’s status, such as presence and availability, or on the phone’s state, such as idle or in conversation, specifically designed applications can display presence-based and contextual, customized information to make the phone a command center for efficient collaborative business conversations.

  • Offers robustness: always-on, secure endpoint
  • Reinforces your brand image through award-winning design
  • Delivers streamlined interactions with contextual information
  • Provides quick access to relevant functions through intuitive and easy-to-use menus
  • Open to external applications
  • Offers enriched communications for better employee productivity
  • Delivers eco-friendly deployment (Class 3 maximum)
  • Combines an always-on smartphone, wide-band audio, into an exceptional user experience

  • Smart menus with ergonomic design
  • SIP telephony services
  • Communications platforms offer web-services-based rich communications
  • Industry-specific application packages, such as hospitality packages
  • Customization interface for users and IT departments
  • Multimedia file management: MP3, pictures and screensavers
  • Integration with the user’s desktop, including calendar and contacts
  • Software development kit (SDK) open to web application developers

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition

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Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition is the ideal solution for customers looking for a voice-only contact center, with intuitive and ergonomic management, for short deployment, easy access to autonomy, and fast reaction to business changes.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise embedment provides full High Availability Contact Center capabilities and branch survivability. From 5 up to 1000 agents on a single node, it can operate for more agents in a multi-nodal OXE configuration.

The OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition is deployed and used by more than 400 000 agents worldwide. It is based on the unique and patented “matrix” call routing model. What you see is exactly what you get, making Contact Center management easy to understand even for those without prior programming skills.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership with shortened first real service and fast reaction to business changes,
  • Single competency for administration, supervision and reporting
  • Easy access to autonomy for administrators and supervisors
  • High availability for inbound with main and back up communication servers
  • Branch survivability for inbound with Passive Communication Server,
  • Telephony desktop and integration tools
  • Enhanced options like IVR with CCivr or GVP, wallboards, Soft Panel Manager, Genesys WFM or others.

Key applications include: 

  • CCdistribution: an automatic call distribution (ACD) and database embedded in Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise, which features an exclusive decentralized architecture, managing traffic and resources beyond competitive norms. It offers a cost-based routing algorithm and the ability to build a virtual contact center.
  • CCsupervision: offers real-time supervision and configuration at the click of a mouse, monitoring all objects (pilots, queues, and groups) and providing full statistics compilation and detailed reports.
  • CCagent: a desktop application providing agents with full Contact Center telephony and session control, advanced call monitoring, individual and group statistics, and access to critical information from the desktop.
  • CCoutbound: both dialer and campaign manager, this advanced solution is designed to leverage existing database with proactive contacts to customers and prospects. It offers a Scripting option, a visual tool to improve response quality by ensuring outbound agents preview and deliver consistent and accurate information. For each campaign, a conversation guide is implemented by administrators without programming skills giving instructions on what to remind, say, do, and based on known information, what to avoid.
  • CCivr: provides interactive voice response (IVR), enabling the company to offer its customers reliable, powerful self-service functionality, using voice recognition and text-to-speech technology, with multimedia information disseminated by voice, fax or e-mail.
  • There are additional options on offer such as remote /mobile agents, Genesys Voice Portal, Genesys WFM, Soft Panel Manager for LED or TV wallboards, external statistics database.

OpenTouch Business Edition

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OpenTouch™ Business Edition targets enterprises with up to 1500 users and delivers an unprecedented level of openness (SIP & applications, platforms).

It delivers advanced, yet flexible communications that help you interconnect your network, people, processes and knowledge for cost control. It’s also cost-optimized to keep expenditures under control as you position yourself for future expansion.
With the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Business Edition, you have all of the necessary software and licenses for a comprehensive, application-enabled communications system on a single, industry-standard server.

This innovative, single-server design is vital for enterprises that want to reduce the cost and effort of provisioning, testing and managing servers and don’t want the issues around installing additional servers every time they deploy a new communications application.

Unified user experience across devices and media, particularly through smart devices
Larger ecosystem scaling from customers to partners to enable better business efficiency
Native conferencing and video
Leverages SIP technology to federate platforms and application and deliver more effective communication solutions
Access to large enterprise telephony features at mid-sized enterprise prices
Single server to purchase and maintain
Reduced time to operation
Reduced operational costs
Redundancy through hard disk drive mirroring
Simplified unified user management
Easy backup and restore
Supports passive communication server (telephony service redundancy) and full spatial redundancy (telephony)
Time from your need to user activation reduced to hours

Conferencing at the core. Communications no longer limited to one on one interactions.
Video at the core; voice activated multipoint video switching without a MCU.
User centricity; delivers the same experience across devices and allows users to transparently switch form one device to another while interacting.
Key features of OmniPCX Enterprise pre-installed on a single server
Comprehensive support for international SIP standards: SIP endpoints to use entry-level IP phones or deploy dedicated phones to meet the needs of a particular vertical market segment
Pre-installed advanced communications applications
Single server design

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

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OXEThe Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) is a highly scalable solution based on a pure software communications server platform that provides multimedia call processing for both Alcatel-Lucent and third-party clients/phones including TDM, IP and SIP.

This rich call-handling application delivers world-class business telephony features for medium, large, and very large sized companies and offers a choice of either centralized or decentralized IP telephony solutions. Read more →